zoekmachine optimalisatieIn this article I will discuss some factors that are important for your website if you want to be found by Google and therefore your audience. It is far from complete, but there are a few things that can make the difference. We take care of the technical SEO, but you can also do something yourself. Make sure your images are the correct size. There is no point in uploading a billboard format if the image on the website is only the size of a business card. It is equally pointless to fill your site with information that no one wants to know.

covidMany companies have been affected by the Corona virus. Shops have had to close and restaurants have to make do with fewer tables. Stores would like to start selling online, especially with the fear of a possible next total lock-down. Although this is not in the air yet, we have had questions about this. Investing in a new website is often not the first thought. That is why we have started something at Jolly Gecko to meet the middle class in these difficult times.

On the ferry on our way from SwedenIn 2005 we moved with our family to Sweden where we have lived with great pleasure for 15 years. Nevertheless, we have decided to move to Spain in 2020. We have been coming to Jávea on holiday almost every year for 20 years and I cannot deny that climate played a role in our choice 😎. Our children have conquered their place in Sweden and have not (yet) moved with them.