Your own online store

A webshop by Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

In this uncertain time of the Corona virus, it may be a solution for you to also start selling your products online. In various countries where we operate, all stores had to be locked. But home delivery was allowed.

You are one step ahead of the competition with a comfortable and safe online store where your customers would like to return. Even without a lockdown, by the way. Make an appointment to discuss the various options with us.

We use different platforms to build your online store.

For Joomla! we use Joocart. This combines two major players in the open source market, Joomla! and Opencart. In some cases we use Hikashop.

We use WooCommerce for the Wordpress websites.

The road to your online store

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Introduction meeting

First of all, we will look at what the wishes are, what the purpose of the online store is and what the target group is. We will go through which elements are important to you. Consider, for example, payment systems, comparison options, download options, etc.

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We will create a concept for you in which we always consider which elements best suit your store and in which CMS system we are going to build the online store.

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Graphic design

We are going to build the framework in which the wishes are included, such as colors, layout and the like. If this has been approved, we will fill it in with the necessary information, payment options, etc. We will also add some of your products.

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When that is done, we will test, test and test. When everything runs smoothly, we will hand over the website to you and we will explain how you can add your products to the online store. You are then ready to start selling!